Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dubai Metro gets cyber geeks abuzz

The Gulf Today, 9 Aug 2009

As Dubai metro is to open to the public from Sept.10, livetweets among the passengers will be pumping their messages onto Twitter from the inaugural train itself! They are excitedly looking forward to he debut day. The tweets will be posted on Twitter's MYDUBAIMETRO, an unofficial Dubai metro website for community networking.
Twitterer Sam Mohtady, a PR consultant at Impact Porter Novelli in Dubai, thinks that Wifi on the Dubai Metro would be awesome. However he's not sure that mobile wifi users are the target riders.
He asked, "Is anyone seriously intrigued by the metro opening? Have you seen the track layout? I mean, how convenient could it be?"

Rush for 'gold'
DubaiTwestival, an event for activists, has taken bids for a Golden Ticket to ride Dubai Metro on its debut running. The golden pass was auctioned live on Twitter on Sep. 7 and of all the proceeds are to be donated to their supported charity, Dubai Autism Center.
Several of Dubai's twitterati bid for the remarkable chance to win the auction, which was held live on Twitter. The enthusiastic bids were quickly being topped up with the final bid at Dhs.1,000. Twitterer Samer Costantini was later announced as the golden pass winner to enjoy the inaugural ride of the metro train.
The owners of DubaiTwestival 2009 have thanked Dubai metro and the RTA for offering them the 'Golden Pass,' which is a chance to experience the first ride at the launch Dubai Metro.
The winner will be twittering on the exciting exclusive lifetime opportunity to travel on the metro's inaugural ride.
KV Shamsudheen, an expatriate social worker, wrote on His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum's Wall on Facebook: "The metro dream project will become a reality tomorrow on the Global Happiness Day of 09/09/09. Having been a resident of the UAE for the last four decades, each development of the country gives me immense pleasure. I congratulate His Highness on this auspicious occasion."

'Historic milestone'
His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum is very excited about the launch of the Dubai Metro on 09/09/09. He calls it a historic milestone that reflects what Dubai is capable of achieving. Shyan Princess is wondering which launch in the year 2009 will be more of a hit on Sep.9 - the launch of Dubai Metro or that of Apple? Ossama M. Faour claims that 09-09-09 is the ultimate date. He is excited about Apple's announcement, saying "Metro Opens in Dubai, Internet Heroes Opens in Metro Stations and E-City Opens in MOE."

The '9s' factor
"Do you guys know that tomorrow is a special day? It will be 09.09.2009 and it's even luckier for me as I'm a 9 person (born on 27, 2+7=9)! And the Dubai Metro will start operating at 9am as well. They sure know how to set special days!" remarked Tunde Bodri.
Meanwhile, a twitter feed named 'Earn Money' from Chicago opined that Dubai is tying economic hopes to new metro. The post said: "The traffic is a lot better than it used to be." "As the very first metro in the Gulf States, Dubai metro will be a very successful project," hopes Saad Al Dosari, an engineer from Saudi Arabia on Twitter.

Downturn melter
"The opening of Dubai Metro on Wednesday could mark a turning point in the emirate's fortunes as it tries to spend its way out of the worst economic downturn in a generation," quotes a Twitter feed titled clippinx, analysing an article from the Wall Street Journal.
Alexandra Jauncey, who goes by the name Dillyflower, is looking forward to riding in the sky on Dubai Metro, while Kashif Rehmat "can't wait for the Dubai metro!" He hopes that once it's launched, Dubai Metro will be among the world's best and busiest metro networks.
He posted a video online of the Dubai metro train's trial run between the Nakheel and Dubai Marina stations. Khamis Bin Touq has also posted a video of the trial run of the world's largest automated driverless system.
Shahbaa, who goes by the alias Sherif Abaza, said that he received an email from RTA saying the operating hours for Dubai Metro will be from 5am to 1am. Lorena Bruner asked if anyone else is just as excited about the Dubai Metro. Meanwhile, Abdulla W Al Dabbagh is keen on reading news and other coverage on the opening of Dubai metro.
"I am really looking forward to seeing this thing running," wrote Hamad T Alhomaizi from Kuwait on DUBAI METRO's wall on Facebook.
Zayed Mohd Qazafi also shared his wonder on Facebook, saying, "I can't wait for the launch of the most beautiful train! I'm proud of Dubai, where I live. And 9/9/9 is an awesome date, eh? On top of that, it's my lucky number. Here we gooooooooooooooo DXB Metro, woooooow!"
In another wall post on Facebook, Joseph Martoni Juezan states, "I am working with Dubai Metro as an architect. I am also excited and I can't wait to see the fruits of our hard work and sacrifice. Go, go, go Dubai Metro!"

Waiting for ride
Kumaraswamy Ramasamy wrote, "It's been a long wait to ride on Dubai Metro. It was great to see recent test runs. As everything continues to go as planned, we hope to get better transportation in the city."
Kunjumon Kunjus, also on Facebook, is also waiting for the launch of the world's longest driverless metro with amazement. According to Sherly Philip from Chicago, she can't wait to see that in Dubai. "I am looking forward to sitting and riding on this Metro Transit system soon," said Joanne Valenzuela.
According to Facebooker Jana Hallab, "09-09-09 is the best day ever!!!" Mirna Hallab also can't wait for the date.
Meanwhile, also on Facebook, Nabil Ahmed stated that he would appreciate if the Metro were operated in Al Ain as well.
Krishna Gopal is eagerly waiting for the metro to start on Sep.9. He trusts that the new mode of public transportation will solve the chaos and traffic jams in Dubai.

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