Monday, December 14, 2009

Rain of reactions pour in

The Gulf Today, 14 Dec 2009

The skies are offloading buckets in the UAE. Meanwhile on the ground, experiences ranged from lovely to catastrophic for many people. Majority preferred to remain indoors and so, community networking portals were abuzz with reactions about the torrents for the monsoon.
Lauren Baronet, a South African expatriate living in Dubai, said: "Being hot and dry most of the year here, it's exciting to experience the rain in Dubai. While my friends and family are soaking up the sun back in South Africa, I am enjoying the rain in Dubai just as much."
"The only downside is that I don't feel safe on the roads in this weather with crazy drivers and poor drainage, I'm much happier in the comfort of my home with my book and a cup of tea," she added.
Precious de Leon, a Filipina tweeted, "Sharjah industrial area and some parts of Al Quoz are flooded. So, it took two hours to get from Sharjah to Dubai."
Emirati writer Samar Owais just got home after braving the industrial area. She thanked the considerate cab drivers. "I would have had to swim across the road to get home otherwise."
Roxane M, from Abu Dhabi, tweeted, "It seems like London in the snow. Streets have morphed into canals and the taxi driver says no drainage in Abu Dhabi - it's flooded."
But a Dubai-based cyber geek commented that everyone in the office is sneezing and coughing. He asked, "Where is that blasted sunshine? I need the sun to come and dry everything and kill them germs!"
Another tweeter advised, to be careful out there, as the rain turns the UAE roads even more dangerous than usual.
Sijoy Varghese, an ad film director opined, "Dubai looked beautiful in the rain last night and early this morning. I hope the rain continues, just the light drizzle. I enjoy a lot and I want to feel the rain touching my skin... Because I miss the rain I enjoyed in India."
"Even though the strong winds and heavy rain, I walked or rather ran back to my house and were drenched in no time. But I enjoyed! I'm sure everyone who saw me from their balconies thought we were crazy," he said.
According to Irene Sevilla in Abu Dhabi, the UAE's once-in-a-year rain makes the road TRAFFIC with a capital T!
"Damn, morning was really traffic due to rain. I wonder what will happen tomorrow morning. Would it be the same?" cursed another cyber social.
But Marwan Dj BLISS is optimistic, "It's not weird! The UAE residents love this weather, cloudy or rainy days. Change is good."
He jokes his car's wipers got some intelligent sensors, "It wipes only when there is a certain number of raindrops and goes faster as I drive."
Meanwhile, DJ Shadow Dubai, is just waiting for people to start asking him to make the rain disappear, like David Copperfield does.
Baha, an Egyptian expat, said, "It's finally raining in Dubai. It was just so awesome rain pouring after a long time. I am really happy and welcome this rain and expecting more rains along this week."

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