Thursday, January 20, 2011

Trucks require permit to enter waste disposal sites in Dubai

20 Jan 2011, The Gulf Today

Solid waste transporting trucks should obtain a special permit to enter disposal sites in Dubai, starting from the beginning of February, announced civic authorities.
The waste management department at Dubai Municipality (DM) has started issuing special permits for the entry of such vehicles to the disposal sites in the emirate.
AbdulMajeed Saifaie, director of the department, said that the regulations aimed at ensuring a clean and sustainable environment in the city through implementing integrated waste management especially with issues of solid waste disposal.
"All vehicles carrying construction and demolition waste materials should proceed to the municipal waste disposal site in Al Bayada," he added.
Saifaie confirmed, "Any vehicle that has not obtained the permit from the Municipality waste management department for transporting general waste and does not carry the sticker will not be allowed to enter the landfill in the emirate of Dubai, starting from Feb.1."
Rashed Karkain, head of Technical Support and Studies Section at the Department, elaborated, "The new permitting system will ensure the usability of proper vehicles for safe transportation of waste, in addition to enabling the Municipality for a more effective and efficient operation of landfills."
"Comprehensive statistics on the quantity and types of solid waste production in the Emirate also can be drafted through the permitting system," he added.
According to Karkain, the system will help to properly and strategically plan any future sustainable and innovative waste management system that Dubai may require.
"Sustainable waste management practices such as reducing waste and encouraging recycling programmes will preserve the environment and ensure public health safety," he noted.
"It aims to cover establishments operating in the field of collection, transport and trade of waste materials and controlling practices and activities not licenced by the Municipality, and will focus on stopping environmental and health abuses and violations such as unsafe waste disposal," he added.
"The regulation is based on local Order No. 7 for the year 2002 on waste disposal sites and the Local Order 11 of 2003 and the Technical Guidance 1 issued by the Technical Support and Studies Section of Waste Management Department and other regulatory procedures for the sustainable management of waste in the emirate," Karkain explained.