Friday, May 27, 2011

15 medical facilities shut, 15 doctors suspended in 2010 for violations

24 May 2011, The Gulf Today

Dubai: About 15 medical establishments have been shut down in the UAE in 2010 by the Ministry of Health (MoH) as these facilities violated the regulations and bylaws, revealed a senior health official on Monday.
“Four of the medical establishments were closed permanently, while 11 of them face temporary closure,” said Dr Amin Al Amiri, assistant undersecretary for Medical Practices and Licensing and head of the Medical Licensing Committee at the MoH.
“About 15 doctors were suspended from practice due to cases of medical malpractice last year, and another seven doctors have been issued warning. Meanwhile, eight doctors were temporarily suspended from practice as a precautionary measure for medical negligence or malpractice based on complaints lodged by patients,” he elaborated.
“The ministry blacklisted seven other doctors due to their severe violations of the professional ethics or scientific and technical standards. Warnings were issued against 11 medical establishments after inspections carried out by officials at the medical licensing department,” he added.
According to Dr Amiri, a penalty in the form of a written warning has been issued against another medical establishment.
“The violating doctors were suspended either because of their medical negligence or for disbursing medical sick leaves for patients without checking their right to receive such leaves,” he pointed out.
The [penalties] issued to the medical facilities were based on inspections and decision of the medical licensing committee as they were proved to be violating the set of standards or regulations, said Dr Salem Al Darmaki, acting undersecretary of the MoH.
“A total of 1,140 medical facilities are operating under the supervision of the heath ministry, while about 2,305 doctors have obtained license from the federal authority to practice medical profession in the Emirates,” he added.
Statistics of the MoH’s medical licensing department indicates the significant increase in the number of medical establishments and doctors in 2010, and there is an increasing traffic for more registrations for medical practice and healthcare sector operation.
“The medical licensing department regularly follows up about 1,140 medical establishments and doctors working there to keep ensuring their adherence to the best international health standards, and the country’s regulations,” he added.
“About 163 new establishments have been licensed in 2010, while 70 facilities have been approved since the beginning of the current year,” noted Al Darmaki.
“The approved medical establishments in the private sector include 435 medical centres, 275 rehabilitation centres, 104 public clinics, 94 school health clinics, 92 specialised clinics, 73 public dental clinics, 25 hospitals, 25 diagnosis centres and 19 specialised dental clinics,” he elaborated.
Dr Al Amiri said that about 2,305 doctors have received MoH licenses, out of which 354 have been given in 2010 and 151 since the beginning of 2011.
“About 781 technicians were also licensed by the MoH last year, while the number of licensed technicians in 2011 until the date is 359. There are a total of 2,621 technicians that have been provided licences by the health ministry,” he added.


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