Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dubai warns against unlicensed pest control operators

10 Nov 2010, The Gulf Today

THE civic body in Dubai warned members of the public on Tuesday against falling prey to bogus advertising by unlicensed pest control establishments.
This is in view of numerous complaints about the rampant increase in publicity material distributed by such pest control companies who are not ratified by the Dubai Municipality (DM).
A senior civic official has cautioned that while such illegal pest management companies offer solutions to get houses rid off insects, rodents, termites and other pests, they actually expose residents to high risk by using highly toxic pesticides or ones that are not licensed locally.
Hisham Abdul Rahman Al Yahya, head of public health in the Pest Control Section of the DM’s Public Health Services Department, alerted that such advertisements are deceptive.
“Such companies sticking their ads on the doors of flats and in corridors of residential buildings or inserting leaflets through the gaps of doors are a nuisance to those living in residential complexes,” he added.
Al Yahya called upon the public to verify whether such companies are licensed with the Municipality to operate in the Emirate.
“Information on licensed establishments is available on, the web portal of the DM’s public health services department. Residents can also ring up toll-free on 800-900 or to the public health pest control section on 04-3474448,” he elaborated.
“The DM will send a list of licensed companies or will provide the caller with the information required on any company whose services the caller wishes to avail of,” he said.
“The DM’s public health pest control section issues a special card to the workers of licensed pest management firms to enable them to practise the profession legally,” Al Yahya pointed out.
He advised the public to demand the pest control firm’s representatives to produce the Municipality card before allowing them entry into their homes to render the service, “failing which, residents can complain to the department, and stringent action will be taken against the violators.”
He also urged the public to report cases of suspicious advertisements by pest control teams. “Also, the pest management companies should ensure the health safety of their staff members,” he added.


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