Tuesday, November 2, 2010

GHT eyes 12 diagnostic centres worth Dhs150 m

The Gulf Today, 2 Nov 2010

DUBAI: Global Hawk Telemedicine (GHT), the healthcare arm of the UAE-based multinational conglomerate Mulk Holdings, has announced unveiling of 12 multi-speciality diagnostic and tele-imaging centres to be built at an estimated investment of Dhs150 million, across the GCC and other parts of the world.
The advanced tele-radiology and imaging services provider Global Hawk Telemedicine (GHT) awarded multiple contracts to global medical technology solutions providers Neusoft and Philips, according to the group’s officials.
Dr Nawab Shafi Ul Mulk, director of the GHT, “The project for the dozen super speciality centres, named as Global Hawk Imaging and Diagnostic Centres (GHIDC), is one of the largest expansion plans ever seen in the region’s healthcare scenario.”
“Out of the 12 state-of-the-art tele-imaging centres, each worth Dhs10 million, eight centres will be opened in the next two years in the UAE, the KSA, Oman and Qatar. One centre will be set up in Malaysia and the other two are planned to establish in IndiaÕs Bangalore and Jaipur,” he added.
According to him, the first imaging and diagnostic centre among the series is under construction and will be operational in Jumairah in January 2011. The group expects revenue worth Dhs400 million by 2012 from the Gulf and Indian markets.
“All the GHIDCs will be evolved on a concept of one-stop radiology service point with facilitated with the expertise of Western board radiologists and the GHT’s tele-radiology subspeciality consultations,” indicated Dr Mulk.
“The GHIDC in Dubai will be headed by Dr Torr Matson, renowned radiation consultant and author of numerous radiology and MRI books and consultant of Abu Dhabi royal family. Dr Mulk and Dr Yasmeen Ul Mulk, female Imaging expert and managing partner of the GHT will form the core team of radiology professionals,” he revealed.
“The world’s giant medical products supplier Neusoft and Philips will associate with the GHT for supply, installation and maintenance of a sophisticated range of radiology and imaging systems at the centres across the globe,” he said.
“The systems include the latest device CT-PET, MRI, Mammography, Bond-Densito Metre, 4D Ultrasound and X-Ray imaging machines. The CT-PET system, branded after the GHT, will be the first one introduced by a diagnostic centre in the UAE,” he elaborated.
Shaji Ul Mulk, Chairman of Mulk Holdings, said, “The group plans to target the ever-growing global demand for economical and quality medical products with initial focus on the Middle East and Indian markets and expand later into the stronghold of Mulk Holding’s worldwide territories.”
“Our purpose is to emerge as a major healthcare player in the region by 2015. All the healthcare programmes are patroned by Dr Sheikh Majid Saeed Rashid Al Noaimi, Director General of Ajman Ruler Office, and Business Partner of Global Hawk Imaging and Diagnostics and Mulk Holdings,” he added.
“The latest mammography unit at the GHIDCs will be facilitating early detection and treatment for the alarming cases of breast cancer in the UAE,” said Dr Yasmeen.
“Global standard services for various undetected female malignancy cases will be available at the centres,” she added.
After the contract signing ceremony, the Middle East Regional Sales Director of Neusoft Mohamed ElGabry said, “All the imaging systems of international specifications are certified by the US Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) and the CE-European agencies.”
“The Mulk-branded products are being manufactured using the latest American healthcare software and technology,” said Aili Diao, Neusoft’s Middle East General Manager.
V Kalyana Sundaram, Regional Sales Manager of Atlas Philips, said, “There is a vibrant global requirement for quality radiology imaging products at reasonable investment, and the demand is expected to increase at 240 per cent by 2015.”
Jacob Tharakan, CEO of Atlas Healthcare, said, “The GHIDCs will also showcase the GHT’s world-class radiology imaging devices, manufactured by Neusoft and Atlas Philips. The concept will help all the associates to penetrate the regional market rapidly.”
“A range of new Mulk-branded home care products also will be launched by the end of this year, introducing international specialty healthcare in the doorsteps of every home in UAE and India,” announced Dr Mulk.
“The first prototypes will be released in Arab Health 2011, as the products range is aimed at facilitating the patients with direct link to hospital and clinics, insurance providers and foreign consultations at the convenience of their residences,” he elaborated.