Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ministry shuts down 3 medical centres, removes 2 doctors

The Gulf Today, 22 June 2010

Three private medical centres have been shut down by the Ministry of Health (MoH) recently for poor performance in complying with regulations, while two doctors have been removed from practicing the profession for negligence and breaching the basic requirements.
In another incident, a dermatologist has been issued a final warning for misusing laser that caused side effects after a patient underwent a plastic surgery at his clinic, said a senior health official.
Dr Amin Al Amiri, Executive Director for Medical Practices and Licensing and Vice-Chairman of Medical Licensing Committee at the MoH, said, “One of the suspended doctors was found illegally practicing without obtaining a qualifying licence from the MoH.”
“The latter is a dentist, who has been barred from practicing for two months for using unsterilised equipment and unhygienic maintenance of his clinic. He can resume his practice after an assessment by the MoH committee on correcting the malpractices,” he added.
“The case of a gynecologist, who allegedly caused the death of an infant born through a Caesarian, has also been transferred to the MoH special committee, which will investigate whether any negligence occurred from the doctor’s side during the surgical procedures. Another complaint had also been lodged against the gynecologist,” elaborated Dr Al Amiri.
According to him, the health facilities were ordered to close based on the ministry’s inspection reports on violations ranging from lack of medical registry to treatment with non-provision of sufficient specialties.
He said, “A clinic operating in Ras Al Khaimah has been closed down as one of the clinic’s general practitioners, under the ministry’s investigation for violating the regulations, continued his practice and provided patients medications and treatment.”
“The third errant medical centre, which was also located in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, has been ordered shut for two months, a time frame to adhere to the ministry’s regulations,” he added.
Dr Al Amiri said that the committee has refused an odd appeal presented by a doctor to cancel her MoH licence and blacklist her name for medical negligence, until the final decision of the public prosecutor is announced.”
“Four other cases of medical negligence have been reserved by the committee to ensure whether the surgeries or treatment provided to the patients were as per the ministry’s rules and conditions,” he noted.
According to him, the misuse of laser technology in the plastic surgery case will be reassessed.
Meanwhile, the patient who suffered side-effects has been given the rights to claim compensation from the errant dermatologist. “The patient can approach the court for financial solution,” he elaborated.
“The committee has granted initial working licences to two clinics and rehabilitation centres, while the change of names of six medical facilities has been approved,” said Dr Al Amiri.
“Consent has been given to three medical facilities for shifting to new locations, while another operation of medical centre has been cancelled upon request of authorities concerned. The committee also waived licences of six medical facilities, based on requests of their respective owners,” he added.

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