Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nubian giraffe born at Al Ain zoo

The Gulf Today, 27 May 2010

A MALE giraffe was born at the Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort (AWPR), which has launched a naming competition to celebrate the birth of the rare and endangered species.
The Nubian giraffe is a threatened subspecies inhabiting the Eastern Sudan and Northeast Congo, according to the zoo's animal experts.
Farshid Mehrdadfar, manager of animal collections at the AWPR, said that Nubian giraffes have suffered a major collapse in recent years due to habitat destruction, poaching and armed conflict in their native habitat.
Uncommon subspecies
"The genre is an uncommon subspecies of giraffe and the AWPR's collection is among the few represented in captivity. The calf is a very welcome and important addition to our family of giraffe's and we look forward to finding him an equally special name," he added.
"More than 25 of these rare and endangered subspecies of giraffes have been conserved at the AWP," said Mehrdadfar.
The AWPR is actively involved in several internationally co-ordinated conservation projects to conserve and reintroduce threatened arid land species. "These include the Arabian oryx, Addax, Dama gazelle and the Scimitar-horned oryx," he noted.
A spokesperson of AWPR said that the juvenile Nubian giraffe is currently on display at the mixed African exhibit.
Naming competition
"The AWPR has launched a competition to name the new giraffe calf. To enter the giraffe naming competition, animal lovers are requested to collect a form from the ticketing counter at the zoo entrance or visit The deadline for entering the competition is June 17," he added.
"The winning entry at the competition to name the new giraffe calf will be chosen by June 20. The winner will receive an exclusive giraffe feeding experience for themselves and five guests, as well as free entrance to the park, a picnic lunch, and a souvenir plush toy from the park's gift shop," said the spokesperson.
“The best time to view the giraffe calf is during the evening feeding beginning at 6.15pm, when the animals are fed at the front of the exhibit near park guests. As the giraffes and other animals adjust to their summer routines, the park is open for Wild Nights from 4pm to 12 midnight and from 10am to 12midnight on Fridays,” he explained.

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