Tuesday, August 24, 2010

20 Sharjah mosques receive blood donations in Ramadan

The Gulf Today, 16 Aug 2010

THOUSANDS of believers in Sharjah share great religious, social and humanitarian feelings during this Holy Month of Ramadan by contributing their blood to  the cause of saving the lives of hundreds of medically-disabled people across the UAE.
Blood collection sites have been set up at about 20 mosques across the emirate to attract numerous believers who congregate at the sacred place to offer Taraweeh prayer that is special at night during the Ramadan, said a senior health official.
The Ministry of Health (MoH) has signed an contract with the Islamic Affairs and Endowment Department in Sharjah for carrying out the social initiative aimed at generating more donated blood units at the Blood Transfusion and Research Centre in Sharjah.
Dr Amin Hussein Al Amiri, the executive director of for Medical Practices and Licensing at the MoH and the chairman of the National Blood Transfusion Committee, said that the fifth edition of the ministry’s blood donation drive was officially launched on Aug.11 at Al Baraa Bin Azeb Mosque.
“Curtain for the humanitarian intiative will fall down at Al Noor Mosque in Buhairah Corniche on Sep.9,” he added.
“The other mosques included in the campaign are located in Al Nabaa, Al Shahbaa, Al Saif, Al Khalidyia, Samnan, Al Soor, Maysloon, Al Jareena, Al Fisht, Abu Shagara and Al Shahbaa areas,” elaborated Dr Amiri.
According to him, the drive was launched in 2007, witnessing 247 units of blood were donated that year. The number of donated blood units increased to 1,219 in 2008, while it was 1,066 in the year 2009.
“Meanwhile, mobile blood donation campaigns have also been organised this year by the MoH in Dubai and Ajman emirates. Another blood donation car will join the fleet to extend the drive to other emirates,” he pointed out.
“This year,” Dr Amiri said, “the number of donations is expected to reach more than 2,000 blood units to meet the increased need of blood between 60 and 80 units due to expansion of services, increase in the number of hospitals in public and private sectors and increase in the number of road accidents.”

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