Monday, August 23, 2010

Health ministry to increase labour medical check-up centres

The GulfToday, 22 Aug 2010

AFTER significant amendments in the UAE’s residency medical laws to relax workers on their health testing, the Ministry of Health (Mo H) has disclosed its plans to increase the number of labour medical check-up centres across the seven Emirates considering the requirements.
“The new residency medical testing centres will reassure that the amendments in the conditions are made to enhance the transparency in the system in favour of the foreign human resources as per global standards,” said the Minister for Health Dr Hanif Hassan.
The minister called to activate the labour medical check-up centres and use the latest technologies in light of the great progress and development around the world.
He assured that fee structure for all types of medical check-ups for the residence visa purpose will remain unchanged. No additional fees or increase will be imposed as per the latest procedures.
“The fees will continue to be Dhs.250 for issuing a fitness certificate that proves that the candidate is free from the communicable diseases such as AIDS, Hepatitis-B, tuberculosis, leprosy and syphilis,” said Dr Mahmoud Fikri, CEO of Health Policies at the MoH.
“A fee of Dhs200 will be charged for endorsement of health insurance from the private sector, Dhs50 will continue to be the fee for the medical examinations of domestic maids as well as for administering the first dose of immunisation against Hepatitis-B, while the second and third doses will be free,” he explained.
Dr Fikri noted that companies having more than 10 representative employees must pay Dhs500 for their local representatives for every three years, while the fee is Dhs.1,000 for expat representatives every year.
According to Dr Hanif Hassan, the laws will protect both citizens and expatriates from various infectious and communicable diseases.
He affirmed that the latest amendments will eliminate the gap due to the increasing strength of the foreign labour resources residing in the UAE.
“The amendments have been designed in accordance with the reports of global health organisations on the ways of spreading different diseases and their dangers to the whole community,” he added.
“The MoH is also planning to develop plans and systems that guarantee the highest degrees of accuracy and health safety,” Dr Hassan said.
“The UAE has to set up an integrated accurate system for the continuous development in tandem with the requirements of the existing multi-nationalities in the country,” he elaborated.

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