Monday, July 5, 2010

Banned pesticides seized, users hauled up

The Gulf Today, 5 July 2010

Large quantities of prohibited pesticides have been confiscated from the Madam agricultural district of Sharjah by inspectors of the Ministry of Environment and Water (MoEW) recently.
The seizure of the harmful insect-killers was effected by the MoEW officials in coordination with the Municipality of Dhaid in the Madam area, during a surprise inspection visit to establishments in the business of agro products and food items.
Further penal actions are in line against the errant establishments for dealing with illegal pesticides, according to sources at the environment ministry.
Dr Mariam Al Shinasi, Director General of the MOEW, said that the sweep against holders of the toxic materials has been carried out in a move to further enforce implementation of an integrated nation-wide system to control circulation and use of the pesticides in the country.
“The pesticide management system will update regulations and conditions and develop legislation for controlling such products with stringent criteria for their registration and circulation in the country,” she added.
Al Shinasi pointed out that the inspections carried out in these companies showed the use of different types of unauthorised pesticides imported to the country, seriously violating the regulations in this regard.
“The punitive actions against the establishments will be for non-compliance with the Federal Law No. 41/1992 on the use of the pesticides, and the ministerial decision No. 409/2009 that emphasised the pesticides control system apllicable across the GCC countries,” she elaborated.
“The laws aimed at preserving natural resources by effectively controlling various kinds of pollutions and banning materials that pose negative impact on the environment as well as safety of human health,” she noted.
According to Al Shinasi, the MoEW carries out regular inspections in agricultural establishments in various parts of the country in order to ensure implementations of environmental regulations.
Mohamed Moussa, Manager of MoEW for the Central Region, said the pesticides have been sold out seriously posing threats to the health of human and animal health, and the safety of the environment.
“Prohibition of the listed pesticides prevents establishments and persons from handling them, unless under the direct supervision and guidance of competent authorities,” he added.
“The restricted pesticides are not permitted to be transported unless the ministry’s specifications and technical requirements are met. Transportation of such pesticides should require sufficient documents of purchase sources, laboratory certification and official approval,” pointed out Moussa.
He urged the public to inform the environment ministry, in the events of their notice on illegal businesses of the restricted pesticides.

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