Saturday, July 17, 2010

Errant vet clinics face ministry’s heat

The Gulf Today, 14 July 2010 

The Federal Ministry of Environment and Water (MoEW) has imposed punitive actions against several veterinary clinics in different parts of the country for violating regulations on public health and technical standards.
The MoEW inspectors have conducted several periodic and surprise visits to a number of veterinary facilities operating in the emirates of Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah.
The large quantities of expired drugs stored for sale at some veterinary warehouses have also been seized and confiscated by the inspectors, revealed the environment ministry sources.
“The ministry has issued necessary penal actions against the offenders. Some of them faced temporary closure of the facilities and others faced permanent closure of their service,” said the ministry.
“The penalties for violations included a warning, suspension from practice for a period not exceeding one year, and withdrawal of the licence and removal of the violators’ names from the list of registered veterinarians and technical experts and vet facilities,” read a statement issued by the MoEW.
“Some law-breakers were warned and some facilities faced closure of the veterinary facility for two months. If they repeat the violation, their licence will be shut down and licences will be withdrawn. Serious irregularities will invite actions including hefty fines or imprisonment,” it added.
According to the statement, the offending clinics were providing services contrary to the clauses specified in their licences. Many of them were found breaching the federal requirements on safeguarding public health measures, it added.
“Some vet facilities and clinics lacked professional conduct as they employed unlicensed veterinarians and non-specialists to work in their laboratories,” it pointed out.
According to an official at the environment ministry, those who practice veterinary medicine in clinics, pharmacies and laboratories, and warehouses must obtain a licence from the MoEW. The Ministerial Decrees 618 and 616 for the year 2009 have specified the country’s veterinary laws, regulations and conditions for establishing such facilities as well as practicing the service.
“The ministry will spare no effort in implementing the legislation to effectively safeguard the development and sustainability of livestock in the country,” he said.
The ministry has also called upon the veterinarians and technical employees of vet facilities to ensure their commitment to Law No.10/2002 and the law No.16/ 2007 on private vet medicine practice.
“The number of veterinary clinics registered with the environment ministry from across the country has been estimated at 92 facilities that carry out therapeutic and diagnostic services to animals,” said the MoEW statement.
“Hundreds of veterinary pharmacies, drug warehouses and pharmaceutical manufacturing companies also have registered with the MoEW,” it added.

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