Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dubai enforces hygiene conditions at building sites

The Gulf Today, 9 Sept 2010

The civic authorities in Dubai are stringently enforcing regulations on hygiene measures to be implemented at building construction and infrastructural project sites across the Emirate.
A circular has been issued by the buildings department of Dubai Municipality (DM) to all building consultancy offices, construction companies operating in the Emirate, to abide by the hygiene requirements of the civic body at their construction sites.
Khalid Mohammed Saleh, Director of Buildings Department at the DM, said that the decision to enforce the hygiene conditions at construction sites has been taken because of a concern over public health safety and the need to protect the surrounding environment.
"The streets, roads, pavements and squares should not be affected by the construction activities. Health of the workers as well as the public is a great concern," he added.
"The Municipality wanted to ensure provision of security requirements and safety of the workers and the residents living in such locations and surrounding areas," he noted.
According to Saleh, the move will also help preserve the beauty and cleanliness of the city by reducing all such practices that distort the overall view of the Emirate.
"The construction companies should regularly clean up their building projects or construction sites, storages of materials and the surrounding environment," he pointed out.
The DM circular also required the safe removal of remnants of all used material at such sites.

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