Sunday, July 5, 2009

‘Eco-friendly properties save energy’

The Gulf Today, 31 Oct 2008
Compared to traditional buildings, the environment friendly green buildings can save a great amount of energy and water, said a Dubai Municipality official.
As the concept of green buildings incorporates reusable or recyclable products and materials, it can help reduce the consumption of energy and water by twenty percent, pointed out Eng. Hisham Ahmed Salah Bukhari, an environment activist and official at DM’s drainage and irrigation department.
“The regulations for green building projects have strictly drawn instructions to use locally made products and materials, as much as possible. The use of local products can ensure their source, so we can control the environmental impacts of the products. The green building also reduces building related illnesses,” Bukhari added.
He continued, “The LEED (Leadership in Environmental Excellence Design) certification is based on a set of rules for the green building. The regulations are designed by the Green Building Council (GBC), and each participating country develops its own LEED standards, which are reviewed and approved by the World Green Council (WGBC). Obviously the regulations are applicable in some countries, and will not be valid in other countries.”
Bukhari noted that the focus for a sustainable environment should be based on conservation of water, electricity, fuel and waste, as the four issues are inter-linked.
The conservation of water will lessen the fuel consumption in the desalination plant, which in turn lessens pollution from the burning fuel. The process again lessens the waste products from the desalination plant that are thrown back into the sea.

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