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‘Erring tanker drivers to face music’

The Gulf Today, 6 Nov 2008
OVER 75 tanker drivers have been captured by inspectors, since the issue of the illegal dumping of raw sewages in public areas or sea water has been emerged in the emirate, informed Dubai Municipality (DM) officials.
The law violating drivers will face deportation, if they were found repeatedly emptying raw sewage in open areas or released into Dubai’s shoreline, said Hussain Nasser Lootah, acting director general at DM.
“Sewage water management companies would be asked strictly to take stringent actions against their truck drivers who break the rules dumping sewage in anywhere in Dubai, outside the Aweer sewage treatment plant,” he added.
Lootah pointed out that the authorities will demand the company to expel its driver from the country, if he is caught repeating the violation of the law for a second time.
He continued: “More than 75 tanker drivers have been caught so far by DM special investigators since the offence of concerned regulations has been increased recently. Strict actions will impose against the offending companies, as the captured trucks are now in custody at DM’s backyard.”
Stern action against these law-breakers include hefty fines that can go up to Dhs100,000 and permanent cancellation of the vehicle license as stipulated in Local Order No.11 of 2003.
Many drivers empty waste water tankers in open areas, desert or through the storm water networks in Al Qouz, Al Barsha and Nad Al Sheba that are designed to carry pure rain water to the sea. Drivers illegally dump sewage to avoid long and serpentine queues waiting 12 to 16 hours for their turn at the Aweer Sewage Treatment Plant.
The DM inspectors keep a close watch on those law-breakers who mainly empty the tankers between 12 and 5am daily so as to avoid detection. The particular department had observed that on an average of 4 to 5 tankers are carrying out this illegal activity daily which represent just one per cent of the total sewage tankers in the city.
The action of offending truck drivers ultimately results in the pollution of sea water and affects the health of swimmers and beach-goers. The sewage dumped into Dubai’s shoreline had damaged waters in the surrounding area of Dubai Offshore Sailing Club, posing serious health hazards to those who contact the contaminated water.
Dubai Offshore Sailing Club is situated adjacent to Jumeirah open beach, where with thick and blackened water was floating all around. The effluent dumped into storm drain nearby the area has polluted waters and as well as sand surrounding the sailing club.

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