Saturday, May 1, 2010

Drinking water producers warned

The Gulf Today, 26 March 2010

The drinking water producers should compulsorily put new caps at the time of refilling the water, on all bottles with dates of production and expiry printed on them, specified Dubai Municipality (DM).
The caps should also be covered with another plastic wrapping that can be removed by the consumer when he wanted to open the bottle, said a senior DM member. 
Khalid Mohammed Sharif, Director of Food Control Department at the DM, said, "The Municipality will make sure that these companies comply with packaging requirements for safe drinking water as it is necessary for all the water bottles to carry names and addresses of the company, which can be seen and read by consumers." 
"The drinking water producers in Dubai will be subject to strict monitoring of hygiene standards drafted by the civic authorities. Inspectors at the DM's food control department will strengthen their regular inspection campaigns at the factories of drinking water companies to make sure that they comply with the public health safety regulations and took samples for laboratory tests," noted Sharif. 
According to him, a comprehensive guide to cleaning water tanks in Dubai has been developed by the civic body. 
"This is the first step as listed among the civic body's significant strategic priorities as drafted in the Local Order 11/2003, which has been applied to all food establishments and factories in the Emirate," he noted.
He was speaking on the occasion of the World Water Day on Thursday, in which the Municipality launched a campaign to clean drinking water tanks and water coolers across the Emirate. 
Shariff urged the participation of the public and private sectors in maintaining cleanliness of the tanks at its building by conducting periodic checking to make sure it was safe, structurally and hygienically. 
"The DM's food control department will maintain the safety of drinking water by approving cleaning companies that comply with the conditions to help in cleaning and taking samples for examination, in addition to holding various events such as exhibitions, distributing brochures and answering queries from the public," he added. 
"The campaign aims to increase public awareness by focusing on the importance of water and the need to protect its sources and preserve the safety of drinking water," he noted. 
He also called for taking samples to the competent authorities of the Municipality for inspection. 
"The campaign focuses on three aspects of the cleanliness of water tanks, domestic water coolers, and public water vending places. The initiative will raise awareness on the significance of preserving the safety of water through cleaning of the tanks periodically, thus complying with the required hygienic conditions," explained Sharif.
According to Sharif, the consumer has a significant role as he should know the requirements that must be met regarding these tanks and coolers of drinking water and follow correct methods of conservation and storage.

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