Monday, May 10, 2010

Medical tests on imported animals increase by 80% in Dubai

The Gulf Today, 30 April 2010

A total of 352,610 animals imported through ports of Dubai underwent medical examinations during the first quarter of the year 2010, according to the Dubai Municipality (DM) sources.
The regulatory procedure of medical test in order to maintain public and animal health in the country has witnessed a significant increase in the number of animals compared to the the past years, said a senior DM official.
Hashim Al Awadhi, the head of Veterinary Services Section at the DM, said that there was a noticeable increase in the examination of shipments of animal feeds imported to the emirate through ports in the first quarter of the year.
"The number of medically examined animals within this period last year was 196,143, witnessing a rise of about 80 per cent," he pointed out.
"Meanwhile, the total number of shipments of imported feeds during the first quarter of this year saw a rise of 15 per cent, with a total of 273 shipments, compared to 237 shipments in 2009," explained Al Awadhi.
He added that the veterinary quarantine unit of the municipality is carrying out tests on all animals imported through the ports.
"The team of experts from the DM also inspects shipments of imported animal food for the purpose of ensuring their safety and compliance with the required specifications in the emirate," he noted.
According to Al Awadhi, the quarantine unit uses the latest electronic and technical means to facilitate and simplify the procedures for clients and meet their needs as quickly as possible.
"The recent period has also witnessed a significant increase in the number of registration of the pet food. The approved items reached more than 600 categories this year, compared to 197 categories in 2009," he said.
The ministry of environment had earlier said that the animals have to be examined for various infectious diseases such as foot and mouth ailments, lung infections, blood poisoning, intestinal diseases and other contagious infections with purulent skin eruptions.
"Tuberculosis, brucellosis and zoonosis are the major deadly diseases transmitted to human beings from infected animals. The fatal diseases enter into the human body by ingestion of meat and non-sterilised milk of the infected animals or by close contact with secretions of the animals," explained the MOEW.
According to it, the epidemic of foot-mouth-disease emerges due to a fast-spreading virus that infects cloven-hoofed animals, including cows, sheep, goats and deer.

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