Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fat-free flavored Trim milk banned in UAE

May 18 2010, The Gulf Today

The use, import and distribution of non-fat Trim milk flavoured with mint and lemon has been banned in the UAE by the Federal Ministry of Environment and Water (MOEW) on Monday.
The ban of the fat-free or milk brand, which is marketed in the UAE as a dairy product which can burn the body’s fat or lose weight, comes as part of a strategy to ensure essential food safety measures to the residents, says senior MOEW official.
The resolution has been taken by the ministry's food safety committee in tandem with competent authorities of the nation for implementation of the new conditions.
Obeid Al Matrouchi, Acting Director General at the MOEW, said the ban has been implemented in an administrative decision by the ministry, as the manufacturer of the milk product was found to trading it without obtaining a license from the concerned authorities.
“The food control authority in Abu Dhabi and Municipalities in all seven emirates have been directed by the ministry to withdraw all existing packages of the mint and lemon flavoured dairy product from the markets across the UAE,” he added.
According to him, the ban will continue until the manufacturer adheres to the regulations in this regard, and corrects the violations by removing the reasons behind the ban.
“After clearing it of the ban, the milk producer will be permitted to import the particular product and make it available across the UAE markets. The public can rely on the product only after it proves to be strictly following country's food safety regulations," he added.
An MOEW statement read that the product claims itself to be therapeutic with messages like the milk help consumers to maintain their body fitness getting rid of excess fat and weight. It’s advertised as helping to build muscle and strengthen the bones.
Al Matrouchi said that the director general of the MOEW highlighted the significance of standardisation of food safety measures and ensuring public safety by applying the conditions across the country.
“The environment ministry will coordinate between the local authorities in the country to ensure the safety and quality of traded food items in the local markets,” he added.
Skim milk is whole milk from dairy cows that has most or all of it’s fat removed, according to a food quality controller working in Dubai.
“Many research studies, mostly funded by the dairy industry, have over the past few years has suggested that including skim milk or fat-free milk into diet can help people lose weight,” she said.


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