Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Al Baraha Hospital launches emergency patients connection system

The Gulf Today, 26 Oct 2010

Al Baraha Hospital in Dubai has launched a new electronic connection system to receive data about emergency patients prior to their arrival at the hospital’s emergency ward.
The information transfer system, implemented in tandem with Dubai Ambulance Service Centre (DASC), will enable the hospital to be equipped with at the emergency ward for the treatment procedures and sooner rehabilitation of the patients, according to officials of the hospital.
Ahmed Obaid Al Khudaim, Director of Al Baraha Hospital and Director of Ambulance Department at the Ministry of Health (MoH), said that the mechanism to receive the emergency patients’ data in advance will speed up the response, preparation and treatment of the case as fast as possible.
“The nursing and technical staff members of the hospital have been trained on using the modern technology to deal with emergency and intensive care unit cases,” he added.
“The training was supervised by the DASC, aimed at raising the standards of healthcare services of the hospital by developing the healthcare professionals’ skills,” he added.
“Theoretical and practical training have been provided to the staff members by the DASC in applying the international standards of ambulance services and patients’ safety,” noted Al Khudaim.
“The DASC will increase training opportunities for the ambulance ward staff of the hospital to unify the policies and procedures of the treatment before, during and after the arrival of ambulance to the hospital,” he pointed out.

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