Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Health ministry removes 2 errant doctors

The Gulf Today, 5 Oct 2010

The medical licensing committee of the Ministry of Health (MoH) has removed two doctors from their practice on Monday for professional malpractices.
Licenses of the unethical practitioners have been withdrawn, in addition to blacklisting of their names, according to a senior official.
Dr Amin Al Amiri, Executive Director for Medical Practices and Licenses at the MoH, told The Gulf Today that one of the sacked doctors was caught for impersonating in front of patients using the name and stamp of his colleague, who was out of the country on vacation.
“The other was found forging medical reports of the patients. The patients have the right to approach the court and sue the doctors or hospitals in the event of negligence and violations,” he added.
“Several other doctors who breached the MoH regulations have also been temporarily suspended from practice until their appearance before the medical licensing committee to analyse their violations,” said the acting chairman of the committee.
“The higher committee also called on directors of the medical centres to investigate the irregularities and violations committed by the doctors employed at their establishments,” said Dr Amiri.
According to him, stringent action will be initiated against the erring medical professionals in the country.
“The medical licensing committee members meet regularly to monitor the complaints against the breaching practitioners and review the regulations and medical practices pertaining to the private sector,” he noted.
Dr Amiri highlighted that about seven medical centres and hospitals in the private sector have received international accreditations for achieving excellence and providing quality healthcare services to patients across the country.
He hailed the vital role of the private medical sector in the country in providing advanced healthcare services to the patients.
“A total of 1,058 hospitals and medical centres are being operated in the private sector in the UAE. The ministry also supervises about 4,350 doctors, 1,005 pharmacies, 129 medical stores, nine pharmaceutical factories and nine private research offices,” elaborated Dr Amiri.