Saturday, October 16, 2010

New neurosurgical procedure gives accident victims hope

23 Sept 2010, The Gulf Today

DAMAGES to the nerves due to road accidents, paralysis, or cuts in the spinal cord nerve cells will be able to heal in the UAE hospitals with the support of an innovative neurological surgery procedure, say health officials.
The treatment will be given to such patients with the help of a technology that uses stem cells to cure the brain scratches, said Dr Amin Al Amiri, Executive Director for Medical Practices and Licences at the MoH.
“Stem cells taken from the patient’s body itself will be injected to the affected nerves. The treatment is applied in new cases that cannot be cured by traditional medicine or physiotherapy,” he added.
The UAE hospitals in both public and private sectors will be able to practise the neurological surgery method to take care of such cases, noted Dr Amiri.
Aimed at highlighting the role of the new technology in the country’s healthcare sector, the MoH has organised an educational workshop in this regard at Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) on Wednesday.
A presentation was made by Dr Hallock Dida, a Turkish advisor and expert, to a number of surgeons and neurology specialists from both public and private hospitals across the country.
“The cooperation between the MoH and the private sector comes as part of a new strategy to develop advanced healthcare services inside the country,” noted Dr Amiri.
“The new strategies aim to meet the requirements of the residents, providing them with opportunities of receiving all kinds of treatments inside the country rather than going abroad,” he pointed out.
“Further modern healthcare technologies will be introduced in the country, so the residents can depend completely on the country’s facilities for various treatments and surgeries, gradually strengthening the health tourism scenario in the UAE,” elaborated Dr Amiri.

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