Monday, October 11, 2010

Amzylite ordered off the shelves in UAE

11 Oct 2010, The Gulf Today

The health authorities in the UAE have cancelled registrations of Amzylite F1.2 500 mg capsules, a drug that manufacturers reportedly claim as a perfect cure for diabetes.
The Ministry of Health (MoH) alerted the public and healthcare professionals to be aware of the lack of credibility of the drug’s publicity literature through online tools.
The MoH issued on Sunday a circular to all healthcare establishments across the country that registration of all the medicinal products by the name of Amzylite had been cancelled.
The circular required doctors to advise their patients to immediately discontinue the medicine, if they use it or report to the ministry in case of any complications due to its usage.
“All the packages of the medicine marketed in the country have been withdrawn, as they were manufactured in a combination that was different from the one registered with the MoH,” read the circular.
Dr Amin Al Amiri, Executive Director for Medical Practices and Licensing at the MoH, said that the Amzylite was being circulated in the country breaching the conditions for pharmaceutical products’ marketing.
“The drug’s online promotions claimed it as being the best treatment for diabetes.
Such statements on its power to heal diabetes perfectly are not approved by the health ministry,” he added.
The London-based drug manufacturer Saccharides Science and Technology claimed on its website that Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes can never be cured by insulin usage, so their scientists had developed the Amylite F1.2 product to correct defects that could exist in a diabetic patient.
“We are well known to the US, UK and UAE’s research institutions and independent health trade, health practitioners and diabetic patients as the sole developer and supplier of the Amzylite capsules for diabetes supplementation and treatment,” read the portal
“The company is the first in the world to discover, invent, and use saliva analysis to early detect, diagnosis, prognosis and treat Type 1, and Type 2 diabetes mellitus,” said the website.
The company also stated as working within the framework of the current US, EU and the UAE legislations and regulations whilst practicing the highest ethical standards.
Dr Amiri pointed out, “The misguiding Web promotion is not under the control of the health advertising department of the MoH, which has implemented strict mechanism to prevent circulation of the medicine among diabetes patients.”
He urged the pharmacies and healthcare establishments to report to the department of drug control and registration if they have stocks of the medicine.
“The MoH circular,” noted Dr Amiri, “required the doctors to ensure that their patients are not consuming the Amzylite drug for the diabetes.”
He also warned the public not to be cheated by false claim messages or online promotions published without the knowledge of the health authorities in the country.


  1. Amzylite is safe. It has helped so many diabetics in UAE, to overcome their diabetes problem. It is unfair on diabetic patients to let them suffer for no reason. Why not ask diabetics in UAE, if they are better off before or after Amzylite

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  8. Who is behind anti amzylite campaign? What is the benefit from the anti amzylite campaign? Who is finger print is behind this campaign?
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