Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vaccination for Haj pilgrims until Nov 14 in Dubai

The Gulf Today, 20 Oct 2010

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has started an on-site Haj health safety services campaign for the pilgrims from the government sector.
The vaccinations will cover pilgrims from Dubai’s 15 public sector organisations, under ENAYA health insurance coverage for the government employees, according to a senior DHA official.
Dr Ahmed Ibrahim Saif Kalban, CEO for Primary Health Care Services Sector at the DHA, said that the campaign has commenced a couple of days ago, and the flu vaccinations will be provided until Nov.14.
“Specialists from the DHA’s preventive health services centres will visit their workplaces of the pilgrims to give them the mandatory vaccinations which should be done at least two weeks prior to traveling,” he added.
Dr Fatma Mahmoud Al Attar, Head of Preventive Services Centres Department at the DHA, elaborated, “The DHA’s Hajj travel health campaign provides consultations by travel health specialists and family physicians.”
“Influenza vaccinations, Meningococcal vaccine, distribution of first-aid kit and educational materials, medication for fever if necessary and international certificate will also be provided,” she added.
According to her, the department’s preventive medicine specialists will educate the pilgrims on health safety measures to be adopted before starting the journey and during the Haj ceremonies.
“The DHA also will conduct Haj health safety programmes and consultations for private and individual parties too. The health education sessions also include protective steps to be taken against seasonal flu,” pointed out Dr Fatma.
“The ENAYA covered Haj pilgrims, regardless of their age, gender, nationality and medical status are required to attend the campaign. The Meningococcal vaccine should be taken by those who had not received it for the last three years,” she said.
“The Haj pilgrims, who are not covered under the Enaya insurance schemes, can avail the vaccinations from the preventive services section at the Mankhool Health Centre as per the DHA’s payment procedures,” noted Dr Fatma.

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