Saturday, October 30, 2010

Changing Diabetes Bus to test 7,500 in UAE

The Gulf Today, 29 Oct 2010

The global awareness initiative "Changing Diabetes Bus" will reach in Sharjah on Nov.6 and will carry out about 7,500 early diabetes screening tests as it tours across three emirates of the UAE.
The diabetes education vehicle's world tour arrives in the emirates, after covering five continents to enhance the role of the World Health Organisation (WHO) in protecting the society from diabetes, according to a senior official at the Ministry of Health (MoH).
Traversed 31 nations
Dr Mahmood Fikri, Executive Director for Health Policies at the MoH, said that the worldwide diabetes management awareness initiative by health major Novo Nordisk is aimed at creating awareness on the social, humanitarian and economic consequences of the lifestyle disease.
"The changing diabetes bus had received a total of 260,000 visitors, out of which about 127,000 people made the early diabetes screening in 31 countries all over the globe," he added.
"The first round of the tour in the Gulf region begins in the UAE, with the bus conducting 2,500 free diabetes tests each in the emirates of Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi," indicated the chairman of the ministry's national diabetes committee.
Bus's UAE itinerary
The bus has been scheduled to station in Sharjah between Nov.6 and 19, in Dubai from Nov.23 to Dec.6, and in Abu Dhabi from Dec.20 to Jan.4," elaborated Dr Fikri.
He noted, "Focusing on social awareness about the early screening for diabetes, the bus will carry out tests for manifold complications due to the diabetes such as visual risks, glycerin levels, body mass and blood pressure."
"However, no tests will be carried out on adolescents under the age of 18 years, according to the contract with the UAE's ethics committee for health researches," he pointed out.
"The MoH will assign five nurses and doctors to work with the diabetes bus and exchange its shifts from 5pm till 11pm in weekdays. The tests will include blood pressure, BMI, HBA1c, waist and hip circumference, cholesterol to diagnose the disease, determine its dangers and complications," Dr Fikri elaborated.
He said, "The visitors will be distributed with educational materials on healthy lifestyle, significance of physical activities, dangers of smoking and other information that would prevent the dangers of diabetes."
"The changing diabetes bus was unveiled by the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) in Copenhagen in 2006. The tour selected the blue circle color as a theme for the world diabetes days. A medical fully equipped car is escorting the tour in all the places.
According to Novo Nordisk, the tour has called for global change in diabetes prevention and care and played an integral role in the adoption and implementation of the United Nations Resolution on diabetes.
“The tour targets the broader public, patients, healthcare professionals and decision makers to detect, treat and stabilise the disease before it progresses into irreversible complications,” it said patron of the bus.
“A total of 285 million people worldwide are estimated to have diabetes, many of which are unaware of their condition, which can only be rectified by improving the quality of life for people with diabetes,” revealed Novo Nordisk.
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