Friday, February 18, 2011

Mothers to receive immunisation alerts in UAE

18 Feb 2011, The Gulf Today

The Ministry of Health (MoH) has launched new mechanism to provide real-time information on vaccination schedules online to UAE residents located in any part of the world.
A top MoH official said that new mothers would be alerted by e-mail and SMS services about the due date of immunisation vaccinations for their babies. 
Dr Ebrahim Al Qadi, Central Preventive Medicine Department at the MoH, said, “The patients register with the new online vaccination tracking system and obtain ID numbers, update and view their personal details.”
“The online system will keep tabs on the completed and the future immunisation jabs for the children,” he added.
“The vaccinations are free of charge at government hospitals and clinics. However, the private sector health facilities are permitted to charge fees from patients, based on costs incurred on the procedures,” Dr Al Qadi pointed out.
According to him, the clinics authorised to provide the vaccinations in the public and private sectors will be linked electronically.
“The private healthcare centres will be permitted to offer the compulsory vaccinations only if they meet the ministry’ requirements such as setting up proper storage facilities, implementation of adequate safety guidelines and system for vaccination follow-ups,” noted Dr Al Qadi.
“The online system will cover three vaccination courses under the national immunisation programme. Patients will be able to find out information online about different vaccines, and the level of immunisation they require, he added.