Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sewage system now covers the entire Dubai

18 Jan 2011, The Gulf Today

A number of newly developed areas in Dubai, including locations around Sheikh Zayed Road, Business Bay, Dubai Marina and Aweer have been linked to the main sewage network of the city.
Dubai Municipality (DM) says that the delivery of sewerage services has been ensured in the entire areas of the city with the completion of the several new projects, including the establishment of a giant sewage water treatment plant at Jebel Ali at an estimated cost of Dhs1.55 billion.
Talib Julfar, the director of Drainage and Irrigation Department at the DM, said that new plant, second phase of which was completed in 2010, would be the main sewage treatment plant for the city in place of the current Al Aweer plant.
“An odour treatment plant was also set up to prevent emission of unpleasant stench affecting the surrounding areas,” he added.
“The waste water treatment plant, spanning over an area of 670 hectares of land, has a capacity of processing 300,000 cubic metres per day, 150,000 cubic metres for each phase,” elaborated Julfar.
“Giant sewage pumping stations and pipelines, including a project at an estimated cost of Dhs580 million have been set up to transfer sewage from DubaiÕs different areas to the plant and transfer treated irrigation water to various locations in the city,” he noted.
According to him, the project includes a solid waste treatment plant, which produces fertiliser as a source of economic return from the treatment processes.
“Another sewage pumping station and pumping lines at a cost Dhs191 million has also been completed with a pumping capacity of 2,000 litres per second. The third sewage water pumping station and pumping lines was constructed within a period of two years at an estimated cost of Dhs586 million.”
“The new pumping station near Arabian Ranches Roundabout has a pumping capacity of 9,600 litres per second. Several irrigation projects have been implemented to deliver potable water for irrigation from the new main sewage treatment plant at Jebel Ali,” said Julfar.
“The drainage and irrigation department could cover all the green areas in Dubai through a Dhs258 million project of extending a treated irrigation water line from the main treatment plant,” he added.
Another project of the similar nature was completed recently at a cost Dhs310 million, including a pumping station located at the Dubai-Al Ain road for the delivery of irrigation water until the Jebel AliÐAl Hebab intersection.
“A project for the main irrigation lines to Aweer farms was completed recently at a cost of Dhs103 million, covering an area of 1,346 hectares with a pumping capacity of 500 litres per second,” Julfar noted.
“The project for main irrigation lines on Dubai Bypass Road was completed recently at a cost of Dhs60 million. It includes construction of 12,100 metres long irrigation pipeline network with 1,400mm diameter,” he added.
“The project aims to use treated water for irrigation purposes in the projects developed along the line, as well as improve the pressure in the old network and the estimated capacity is 135,000 cubic metres per day,” concluded Julfar.


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