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Cleaning up waste management

The Gulf Today, 24 Dec 2009

All the waste management establishments in Dubai have been directed to obtain their licences renewed from Dubai Municipality (DM), as part of a new regulatory move to maintain sustainable solutions in the Emirate.
New permit must
The civic body has issued a circular ordering all the existing and new waste management companies operating in the Emirate to submit a new application for permission for their activities from the waste management department of the municipality.
According to the circular, obtaining the new permit is compulsory for renewing the existing licences or obtaining new licence from the economic development department.
Penal measures
A senior DM member told that non-compliance with the directives could lead to stringent legal sanctions as well as various administrative procedures including hefty fines, cancellation of trading licence and closure of the violating establishments.
Hassan Mohammed Makki, Director of Waste Management Department at the DM, said, "The regulatory move for waste management companies to update their operational activities comes in the wake of increased concerns over creating a healthy and safe environment for the residents of the Emirate."
"Based on the Local Order No. 11 of 2003 on public health and safety of the community, the civic body devotes its efforts in developing and implementing more efficient and effective solutions to achieve sustainable management of waste in Dubai," he added.
Technical manuals
In November, the municipality had completed preparation of technical guidance manuals for waste management and recycling operators in Dubai. These focused on waste collection and transportation services on commercial basis.
"The manual is aimed at networking the waste management firms, raising the level of services provided by them and unifying the standards for their services. It has dwelt in detail on the technical standards and specifications to be applied by the establishments during their operations," pointed out Makki.
According to him, the civic body is determined to ensure protection of health of the residents and safety of the Emirate's environment from the increasing threats of waste generated in the city.
Burgeoning waste
Dubai's immense economic growth followed by its acceleration in urban development in recent years has brought about significant waste management challenges, witnessing a boom in waste disposal with a 20 per cent annual increase.
According to earlier figures revealed by the municipality, the quantity of waste generated in the Emirate and which arrives daily at the municipal garbage dumps for the purpose of disposal was estimated at above 10,000 tons.
"In the year 2000, the daily disposal of Dubai's waste was about 3,000 tons. The construction waste generated in the Emirate has also increased to an approximate rate of 30 per cent, and the amount of total waste production is expected to triple by 2014," the statistics showed.
Strategy on waste
Makki noted that the DM waste management department has also been working strategies to identify and design operations of waste management firms to make the city free from pollution.
"The DM has formulated laws and legislations for the management of various waste issues and issues of hygiene, in order to ensure an integrated waste management system. A set of local orders by the municipality pertains to public health and community safety, and to the technical guidelines and practice manual," he said.
Municipal services
"A range of municipal services regarding waste and hygiene management have been offered to the companies. The services include waste collection and sanitation services and supervision of all companies operating in the waste treatment and waste recycling domain, as also the issuance of permits to this activity," he explained.
According to him, Dubai Municipality considers the establishments as strategic partners in the management processes associated with collecting and transporting waste and recycling activities.
The DM also supports and encourages efforts to reduce waste production in all sectors of society, besides implementing and participating in voluntary environmental campaigns, he said
The waste management establishments have been requested to contact the municipality's technical support and waste management studies section on 04-2064297/ 04-2064295 or 04-7033548 (Fax). Companies can also e-mail at

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