Monday, March 8, 2010

Family health festival in the offing

The Gulf Today, 29 Dec 2009

The second edition of the month-long family health festival in affiliation with by the Ministry of Health (MoH) will run in Dubai between Jan.28 and Feb.28 along with DSF 2010.
The community welfare programme comprises a series of workshops, edutainment activities, free health check-ups and counseling sessions by medical experts in different categories, according to a senior MoH official.
Naser Al Budoor, Director of the Health Minister's Office, said, "The programme on promoting good health will educate the public on a variety of issues that are common, yet dangerous health conditions."
"This year the family health festival will focus on obesity and its impact on wellness, as it causes various consequences including diabetes, hypertension, and depression," he added.
"The family health festival has been designed to bring together residents, authorities, healthcare providers and responsible corporate organisations to address the health issues," said Dr Prem Jagyasi, MD and CEO of ExHealth that organises programme.
"The obesity will be highlighted through individual-themed weeks, which will run across select malls participating in DSF 2010.
Cartoon skits and street plays will also be used to educate shoppers, while individual expert counseling and medical check-ups like blood sugar and blood pressure assessments will be provided to participants," explained Budoor.
According to him, the festival becomes significant in a scenario where nearly one out of every five individual is obese. The issue has to be addressed urgently, as obesity affects not just physical health, but also the psychological well-being of person.
Dr Jagyasi said, "A month-long weight loss contest, titled 'Cut That Fat' will be the highlight of this year's campaign. A panel of weight-loss experts will guide fifteen selected individuals through a specially designed programme to help them lose their extra kilos and gain a better overall physique."
"Obesity is on the rise, fuelled by inappropriate eating habits coupled with sedentary and stressful lifestyles. The condition of being excessively overweight leads to unhealthiness in individuals, which ultimately affects the overall well-being of a nation," he pointed out.

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