Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Unified mechanism to upgrade govt. services

The Gulf Today, 8 Feb 2010

PROCESSES are underway to implement a unified feedback mechanism across all the government entities in Dubai, aimed to improve the quality of the services provided to public.
The revolutionary system will be operated by the Dubai Government's The Executive Council (TEC), which started visiting various governmental organisations to discuss the unified suggestions system.
The TEC is in the process of unifying the feedback system across all government entities in the Emirate of Dubai so as to develop a common feedback mechanism, which it intends to apply across the government sector shortly, according to a senior official.
El Hadi Mohamed Idris Ibrahim, project manager of the Customer Relationship Management at TEC, said the service improvement department at TEC is conducting meetings with government organisations, as part of its process to implement this system.
"The unification system is equipped with modern technology and innovative solutions to best channel the feedback from the government sector employees," he added.
According to him, it will also help to foster an environment of creativity as it will encourage government employees and customers to present their ideas that are aimed to benefit the existing policies, processes and services within the government sectors.
A senior delegation of TEC has visited Dubai Health Authority (DHA) on Sunday.
Hazza Al Neaimi, another official of the Service Improvement Department of TEC, explained that the government departments, including DHA, presently have their own systems to collect and process feedback as well as new ideas which are used to further improve the quality of services that the organisation provides.
"The meeting with the DHA discussed and presented the feedback mechanism as the health authority can benefit from the unified feedback system once it's implemented," he added.
The DHA team discussed the operational aspects of the current system and how it is being used to collect feedback from its employees and clients.

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