Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Safe blood transfusion: Bleeding need

The Gulf Today, 17 Feb 2010

Possibilities of benefiting and utilising modern methods and techniques of laboratory diagnosis and the safety procedures of blood transfusion in the Gulf countries are being examined by the regional level higher committee.
Studies are also being carried out on the developments and best practices of blood transfusion in the region as well as viral and bacterial diseases by the GCC Blood Transfusion Committee.
Educational programmes will be conducted in the Gulf centres for the purpose of training qualified employees in blood transfusion and blood banks, announced the committee during its 12th meeting held in Dubai on Tuesday.
A spokesperson of the Executive Office of the GCC Health Ministers Council, said, "The Gulf blood transfusion committee has reviewed the implemented recommendations of the previous meetings, scientific and basic procedures of the latest studies and researches in the field of blood transfusion."
Nasser Khalifa Al Bodoor, Board Member of Executive Committee of the GCC Ministers of Health Council and Director of External Relations Department and International Health at the Ministry of Health (MoH), said that the body has plans on activating the policy of investigating the study of infectious diseases transmitted through blood transfusion.
According to Al Bodoor, the latest developments and ways of transporting blood in the GCC countries with regards to safety and precautions of blood transfusion, have been discussed in the conference.
Dr Amin Al Amiri, Executive Director for Medical Practices and Licensure at the MoH and Chairman of the Higher National Committee for Blood Transfusion Services in the UAE, said "The UAE is honoured to host the GCC Blood Transfusion Committee, referring to the fact that the country hosted 11 meetings of a total number of 12 since its recommendations to establish such a committee in March 1996."
"The blood transfusion services in the UAE have become a positive example and a reference model to blood transfusion services and researchers in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, pointing to the GCC efforts in this field and its distinction in the blood transfusion services at the regional level," he added.
Al Amiri pointed out, "Substantive aspects of research and clinical studies are being carried out, in addition to other researches that are related to various types of bacterial and viral diseases which are transmitted through blood transfusion."
The International Day for Blood Transfusion falls on June.14, aimed at increasing the world's awareness with the importance of blood transfusion and safety procedures.

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