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‘UAE, a divine connotation’

The Gulf Today, 25 Dec 2009

The name United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been given a unique and in-depth expansion in divinity by an Indian spiritual leader who is currently on a visit to the country.
The letter ‘U’ of the UAE stands for “the recognition of yourself as a spiritual being or soul, while the letter ‘A’ is for the Almighty, and the last letter ‘E’ could be expanded as the experience of the eternal relationship between the soul and the supreme,” the patron of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, Dadi Janki said.
During her blessing lecture on ‘Experiencing Inner Power and Protection,’ organised by Rajayoga Centre Dubai, Janki, the 94 year old preacher of Indian spiritual values across the world, coined the divine expansion to name of the nation.
Elaborating on the issue, Dadi Janki made an appeal for character building for the true progress of the society. “Let the concept of constructing tall buildings help us build tall character also,” she said.
The general topic of discussion on the first day of the three-day meetings in Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, was ‘Wisdom and Will Power.’ The first meeting was held at Sheikh Rashid Auditorium in Dubai Indian School on Wednesday evening.
According to Janki, wisdom and will power can only help us experience our inner power as well as protection.
“It’s significant to connect with the Almighty in order to draw on His power and thereby experience the true protection. If there is peace within, a lot can be accomplished,” she underlined.
Looking at the current turbulent situation of the world, Dadi Janki pointed out: “In the world of ever increasing demands and responsibilities, the man has to realise the immense treasures that are within him. Human beings also have to be able to utilise and hold on to them in the face of difficult situations and expected problems.”
She explained: “The genuine protection emerges from only our inner power. And there’s great beauty and power in understanding the real self. This coupled with the experience of protection that is beyond human capacity, gives us a sense of security. Threatening problems that snatch away our happiness now seem insignificant. This instills the faith that nothing can harm us.”
“If we consider the Almighty to be our teacher and companion and stay in His companionship, we accumulate power that helps us face the life’s challenges. First we have to become our own best friend. It makes the Almighty our friend and then all others will join the fold of friendship.”
“Let’s wear the uniform of the messenger of peace, love, happiness and power,” Dadi Janki gave her New Year message to the packed house of listeners at Sheikh Rashid Auditorium.
She hoped that the UAE would take a leadership role in the complete transformation of the world in the next decade.
Dadi Janki is the Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University.

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