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Dubai parking areas to go green

The Gulf Today, 24 Nov 2009

All residential and commercial buildings in Dubai should renovate their designated parking areas into green spaces for parking vehicles, says the Dubai Municipality (DM).
The new criterion has been added to the green building specifications aimed at transforming all parking areas in Dubai to cultivated areas, according to the chief of the civic body.
Engineer Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director General of the DM, said, "The project will be commenced with the municipality parking areas as well as the parking lots of projects for commercial and residential complexes."
"As part of spreading green areas, the DM will implement the initiative in cooperation with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) checking the possibility of its application in all the areas in the emirate, as per technical regulations," he added.
According to Lootah, the green building standards are not limited to buildings and communities, but it includes sustainable development of all the connected aspects of life in a particular environment.
"Besides the need to take into account the environmental standards to achieve sustainable development and strengthen the culture of green environment, the organic and visual harmony between the population and the urban fabric of the city will also be studied," he pointed out.
Lootah said that the project will be implemented gradually and in line with the green buildings and green roofs projects, as Dubai is witnessing tremendous growth in urbanisation.
"The concept of green parking area will be a perfect environment-friendly solution for the woes as a result of the region's rising temperatures," he opined.
"The green parking area project is significant in improving the environment and air, thereby improving the health of the community and preserving the ecosystem," he added.

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