Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ministry denies negligence at Al Baraha Hospital

The Gulf Today, 25 Jan 2010

The health ministry officials have denied reports on negligence of isolation facilities for patients with infectious diseases at Al Baraha Hospital in Dubai.
The hospital ensures maximum safety for patients of all categories as well as visitors to the hospital, provided with separate isolation facilities at the hospital premises and it is set up totally away from other in-patient wards, said a senior health official.
It had been reported in a newspaper that the hospitalís isolation ward for patients with tuberculosis, meningitis and AIDS is an annexure to the hospital's internal medicine department since the last five years.
Dr Ahmed Al Hashemi, Head of Dubai Medical District, said patients affected with contagious diseases such as AIDS and tuberculosis have been isolated properly at the hospitalís preventive medicine department that is sufficiently far away from the general in-patient wards.
"Intended to patients who are unqualified to live in the UAE, the isolation rooms of the hospital have been set up completely adhering to the regulations on the procedures for isolation of infectious patients," he added.
Dr Al Hashemi pointed out such patients are referred from different hospitals under the health authority as well as from various private sector hospitals in the emirate, after they were being detected of suffering from contagious diseases, and accordingly to be deported from the country as part of legal procedures.
"The patients suspected to be having pulmonary tuberculosis and needed a clinical treatment, are isolated under the medical isolation detention section under the department of the internal medicine. They are isolated and provided with treatments until they are verified through diagnosis, and deported without infecting others," he said.
According to him, the AIDS patients suffering from various complications are also provided with similar isolation facilities and treatments before they are being deported.
"The isolation section of the hospital consisted of four single rooms which are separated from the general ward section and located at the end of the intrinsic diseases ward, with controlled doors through which doctors and nurses are only allowed to enter," explained Dr Al Hashemi.
He noted such patients should be given intensive medication and care, so they are isolated until they get better, adopted all the necessary cautions and measures.
"There are two TB patients currently under treatment in the isolation section, and two others suspected to be suffering from the TB were treated according to the procedures to be followed by the hospitals, complying with the regulations on isolation systems and preventive medicine," said Dr Al Hashemi.

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