Friday, August 7, 2009

Eco-strategic plan in the pipeline

The Gulf Today, 7 Aug 2009
Pic by Mohammed Rasheed

An advanced strategic plan by Dubai Municipality (DM) will outline comprehensive policies towards the management of waste generated in Dubai, as well as strategies to protect the environment of the emirate.
The Municipality recently held a meeting with representatives of various departments, developers and the private sector to discuss Dubai's strategy for the environment sector and treatment of waste for the years 2010 -2014.
The strategy of the civic body for the years 2010-2014 will have in-depth plans for the environment sector and treatment of waste in the city, said a senior DM official.
DM is currently preparing the strategic plan, which is on the pipeline in the wake of an increase in a number of environmental challenges that the city is facing, according to Mariam Al Hammadi, DM's head of the Corporate Excellence Department.
"The levels of strategic planning in Dubai Government and the requirements for the preparation of the strategic plan will identify the key elements of the strategy and a time frame for preparation," he added.
Hamdan Al Shaer, Head of the Environment Department at DM, said, "Dubai is facing multi-dimensional challenges and obstacles in protecting its environment."
"The issues are increasing in various areas including the quality of air, waste management, the marine environment, groundwater, soil, desertification control, wildlife, fisheries and the deployment of green areas," he added.
According to Al Shaer, the environmental strategic plan for 2010-2014 is significant as it is high time to face the challenges and mitigate the effects caused by environmental and waste related issues.
"The residents of the city have to be provided with a safe, healthy, green and attractive environment for living in the city. In order to accomplish the strategies, intensive efforts should be taken by all institutions and government departments and the private sector," he pointed out.

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